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Part L Energy Conservation

Appendix E - Achieving Compliance with respect to EPC and CPC



The following table gives a set of specifications which are calculated to achieve compliance for a typical 126 m^2^ semidetached house. Compliance with this requirement could also be achieved by a number of other combinations of measures.

Table E1 – Example Dwellings


The standardized primary energy consumption and CO~2~ emissions for space heating, water heating, ventilation and lighting for this dwelling, as calculated by DEAP, are given in Table E2, expressed per m^2^ of floor area per annum. The table shows that the calculated EPC complies with the MPEPC requirement of 0.40, and the CPC complies with the MPCPC requirement of 0.46 with a margin to spare.

If the boiler ran on heating oil rather than mains gas, and the secondary heater on bottled LPG, with a boiler efficiency of 93%, the dwelling would still comply. The results for running the boiler on heating oil and the secondary heater on bottled LPG are also shown in the Table E2.

Table E2 – Example Dwelling