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Building Energy Ratings

BER calculation


The Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) is used to calculate the BER of a dwellings; this procedure is based on the European Standard I.S. EN ISO 13790:2008. In addition, the DEAP software will also calculate the CO2 emissions associated with dwelling energy use as required by the Building Regulations (Part L Amendment) 2011.

For housing sold off plans, provisional BER certificates should be issued. When the building is constructed, a full BER is completed, taking into account any changes that may have occurred. All BER assessments must be undertaken by a specially trained assessor registered with the SEI. The DEAP software is available for download from

As stipulated by the Amended Building Control Act 1990, section 6B (5) (a) and (b), a Building Control Authority may also request the production of BER certificate.