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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Systems

Energy Efficient Design


The following design measures will assist in improving the energy efficiency of new dwellings:

  • Draught lobbies

  • High levels of thermal insulation

  • High performance windows and external doors

  • High efficiency (condensing) boilers with a seasonal efficiency of at least 90%

  • Good space heating regulation controls with emphasis on programmable time and temperature control

  • Space heating zone control

  • South facing passive solar heat gain

  • Increased natural daylight to reduce lighting demand

  • Reduced North-facing glazing

  • Energy efficient lighting

  • Balanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

  • Draught sealing

  • Omission of conventional chimneys but encouraging the use of balanced flues and independent combustion air supply.

  • Renewable energy technologies.

  • Attention to building details.

  • Reducing thermal/cold bridges.

  • Airtight construction.

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