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Part L Energy Conservation

10. Individual domestic (micro) combined heat and power


This section provides guidance on the specification of micro-combined heat and power (CHP) systems for dwellings.

The following publication may be referred to: Appendix N of the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) for the energy rating of dwellings.

10.1 Scope of guidance

This section provides guidance on the specification of micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) packages for dwellings to meet relevant energy efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations.

The guidance covers micro-CHP systems with an electrical output less than 5 kWe which are:

• heat-led;

• capable of exporting electricity to the grid; and

• controlled in such a way as to avoid heat dumping.

British Standards

IS EN 15316-4-4:2017 Heating systems in buildings. Method for calculation of system energy requirements and system efficiencies. Heat generation systems, building-integrated cogeneration systems.

Other documents
Appendix N of DEAP 4.2.1 Method to evaluate the annual energy performance of micro-cogeneration heating systems in dwellings.

BSRIA BG 2/2007 CHP for existing buildings: Guidance on design and installation.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme standard MIS 3007-2 Requirements for contractors undertaking the design, supply, installation, set to work, commissioning and handover of a domestic hot water system containing an electricity-led micro-cogeneration package.

I.S. 10101:2020 National Rules for Electrical Installations.
Connecting a microgeneration system to a domestic or similar electrical installation (in parallel with the mains supply), Best Practice Guide, the Electrical Safety Council

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