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Air Leakage

Miscellaneous factors


Sealing - The correct tape, sealers and airtight grommets are required to be installed with any penetration through the ceiling (e.g. light fittings, water pipes etc.). These are common areas from where a high flow of air leakage occurs and need to be paid considerate attention for correct seal.

The chimney/ceiling junction should be treated as a vital junction given the same importance as a wall/roof junction.

A lean-to roof and external wall is a common area for leaks in the air barrier to occur. Careful detailing and installation should be followed in this area to maintain continuity.

Roof lights should fit neatly into their frame ensuring no gaps are present between the frame and roof light.

Open fireplace - Consideration should be given to using a closed appliance.

Floor penetrations - Where penetrations occur through the floor, it is worthwhile installing proprietary top hat type sleeves around these penetrations to ensure that there is no gap for air leakage to occur.

Electrical cables - An electrical engineer should be consulted when sealing electrical cables to ensure there is no issue of overheating.