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Air Leakage



Prior to the commencement of the works the following must be completed:

  1. Appoint a competent person as supervisor of the air barrier. They will ensure that the correct materials and elements are installed whilst also ensuring that the barrier's continuity is not broken.

  2. Make a list with the air barrier supervisor of all the materials and elements that will comprise the air barrier. If there is any doubt, refer back to the design team for clarification or further instructions.

  3. Along with the barrier supervisor, communicate to all site personnel the importance of the air barrier and the elements and materials that comprise it.

  4. Make clear that the continuity of the air barrier is not just about filling gaps; it is ensuring that the correct elements and materials are used and that damage to these items could cause discontinuity in the barrier. Reinforce the importance of this by explaining the consequences of incorrect procedure; I.e. if not enacted correctly, air leakage may occur.

Note: It is worth noting and informing site personnel that the dwelling may be subjected to an Air Permeability Test that will highlight if the building does not reach the minimum passing standard.

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