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Air Leakage

Test results


If the results of the testing come back at more than 7 m^3^/(h.m^2^) then further measure must be undertaken to improve the performance level of the dwelling. The test should be repeated once these measures have been put in place, the process repeated until the dwelling meets the required performance level.

If the test is carried out on a dwelling in a development and remedial works are required to the test house, it is critical that the same measure is implemented on the other dwellings with proof to evidence this, otherwise each dwelling could be subjected to testing.

Where remedial works and a retest are required, the sample size should be increased by one if the dwelling is one of a development of similar dwelling type. Air leakage plays an important part in helping to assess the level of a BER rating and to determine the building's overall CO~2~ emissions. By meeting the minimum requirements and/or improving on them, there may be a contributing factor to the BER and a higher rating may be achieved.