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Air Leakage

Testing procedure


The procedure for testing is specified in Irish Standard I.S. EN 13829: 2000 -- Thermal performance of buildings: determination of air permeability of buildings: fan pressurization method. Additional guidance is given in sections 2-4 of the BSRIA consultancy, test and research organization’s guide -- Airtightness testing for new dwellings and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Technical Manual 23.

Testing Buildings for Air Leakage

                                                     **Number of units**                                                       **Number of tests \]**

UJ 4 or less 1 test



                                                     Greater than 4 but equal or less than 40                                  2 tests

                                                     Greater than 40 but equal or less than 100                                At least 5% of the dwelling type

                                                     More than 100                                                             

                                                     \(a) where the first five tests achieved the design air permeability      At least 2% (for dwellings in excess of the first 100 units)

                                                     \(b) where one or more of the first five test do not achieve the design   At least 5% of units, until 5 successful consecutive tests are achieved, 2% thereafter
                                                     air permeability