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Building Energy Ratings

EU measures and EPBD significance


Below are some measures the directive sets out that EU member states should act upon:

  1. Use the BER scheme to highlight a building's energy performance when it is either for sale or rent.

  2. Have a common methodology for the calculation of energy performance adopted by all member states.

  3. There should be assessments to determine the feasibility of alternative energy systems for buildings over 1000 sqm.

The EPBD directive is seen as a key initiative by the government to improve energy efficiency but also to help Ireland achieve its commitments as set out in the Kyoto Protocol that promise, alongside other countries, that Ireland will strive towards cutting its greenhouse gas emissions. Studies show that up to 40% of greenhouse gases can be traced back to the building sector and that this figure can be reduced by 22% through the implementation of energy efficient practices and technologies in the sector.

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