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Timber Frame Construction

Stud framework


Stud framework has the critical role in external walls of acting as the vertical load-bearing skeleton of the wall. The framework also acts against resisting lateral wind loads and provides a base for the fixing of plasterboard, timber sheeting etc.

Through design, vertical loads exerted on the wall panel need to occur directly over the centerline of the studs or offset either side of the centerline by no more than the thickness of the supporting stud. Typical studwork construction places studs at 400 or 600mm centers; where a vertical load cannot be positioned over a stud or with acceptable offset off the centerline, the use of a head plate is recommended.

For normal loads such as those from the roof structure or floor joists a double rail header is sufficient to allow loads to be located between studs. However, additional studs or posts beneath the header can be installed if there is a requirement to support heavier loads.