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BCAR Ireland: Building Control Amendment Regulations

5. Lodgement of Plans and Documentation


5.1 Plans and specifications

The Design Certifier and the Assigned Certifier, before signing the Design Certificate and the form of Undertaking by the Assigned Certifier respectively, should exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in checking that the documentation for which each is responsible is appropriate for lodgement with the Commencement Notice.

In some cases certain aspects of the building or works may not be fully designed at commencement stage, but each such incomplete aspect or design element should be identified in the submission which accompanies the Commencement Notice together with an indicative date by which it is expected that the outstanding design element will be completed. In all cases, an appropriate level of plans and documentation should be submitted to the Building Control Authority.

The plans and documentation required at commencement stage where the works involve a new dwelling, an extension (to a dwelling) with a total floor area greater than 40 square metres or require a Fire Safety Certificate will include:

(a) general arrangement drawings – plans, sections and elevations – prepared for building control purposes;

(b) a schedule of such plans, calculations, specifications and particulars as are currently designed or as are to be prepared at a later date;

(c) the completion of an online assessment, via the Building Control Management System, of the proposed approach to compliance with the requirements of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations (Parts A to M);

(d) the Preliminary Inspection Plan prepared by the Assigned Certifier; and may, typically, also include:

(e) drawings of particular details as appropriate;

(f) drawings showing work that is below ground;

(g) general arrangement structural drawings showing the main structural elements

(h) specifications including materials and products; and performance specification for elements that may be the subject of ancillary certification.

5.2 Other Documentation

Key documents as is appropriate should be submitted depending on the particular building works.

Structural calculations and site investigation reports do not have to be submitted at commencement stage. However, they should be kept and made available on request to the Building Control Authority. The information should be provided to the Building Control Authority within two weeks of being requested.

5.3 Lodgement of plans at later stage

Design work that is due for completion and specialist design that is not available for submission at commencement stage should be certified and submitted at a later stage. Drawings and documentation for these designs should be submitted before the relevant work commences, with Ancillary Certificates of Compliance, where appropriate. Similarly, drawings and documentation for significant changes or omissions should be certified and submitted before the relevant work commences.

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