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How do I submit a Commencement Notice submission to the Building Control Authority via the BCMS for a 7-Day Notice?


The following must be completed via the BCMS system in order to submit a valid 7 day notice:

1. Create a new 7 day notice notice via the BCMS system, you must be a registered user to do so.

2. Complete an online assessment, via the BCMS by a registered user, of the proposed approach to compliance with the requirements of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations.

3. Assign Roles - The following roles must be assigned when creating a commencement notice with compliance documentation

  • Building Owner
  • Designer
  • Assigned Certifier
  • Builder

Each of the above nominated parties must be a registered user of the BCMS system prior to assignment of the role. Once the role have been assigned the nominated parties must log in to their BCMS account and accept their role(s). Upon accepting their roles the nominated parties will be required to sign and upload the following forms:

  • Building Owner - Form of 7 day notice with statutory declaration*, Notice of Assignment of Assigned Certifier, Notice of Assignment of Builder

  • Designer - Design Certificate

  • Assigner Certifier - Notice of Undertaking, Assigned Certifier

  • Builder - Notice of Undertaking, Builder

*Please note the statutory declaration must be signed in the presence of a commissioner of oaths or a practicing solicitor.

4. General Arrangement Drawings such as plans, sections, elevations should be uploaded to the BCMS system. Where relevant compliance statement report should also be uploaded.

5. Schedule of Documents - a schedule of such plans, calculations, specifications, and particulars as are currently designed or to be prepared at a later date must be uploaded to the BCMS system.

6. Preliminary Inspection Plan prepared by the Assigned Certifier which should list milestone inspections and relevant Building Regulation compliance issues.

Note: The Schedule of Documents (plans, calculations, specifications, ancillary certificates, and particulars) may be relied on to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations. All/some of these documents may be requested by the Building Control Authority.

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