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Does a derelict dwelling require a BER?


SI 243 (2012); ‘Dwelling’ means a building, or any part of a building, used or suitable for use by persons as a place to live.

If a dwelling is unsuitable for habitation, it may be considered outside of the regulations’ scope. If it is bought with a view to being made habitable, it requires a BER cert before it’s occupied, used, sold or let.


  1. SI 243 (2012), European Union (Energy Performance of Buildings) Regulations 2012, Part I, Article 4 does not include derelict buildings in the exempted list.

  2. Building Regulations should not be confused with Derelict Sites Legislation; a dwelling on the derelict site register may or may not be habitable.

  3. Works on a derelict dwelling may require planning permission and therefore a Commencement Notice.

If you are in any doubt, contact your local Building Control Authority.

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