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Does everything have to be inspected on site?


The Code of Practice highlights that it is not practicable to examine every item of work and inspections of elements are subject to the appropriate professional judgement and risk assessment, and recognising that, inspection arrangements should normally make provision for inspection of:

  • Elements and components, the failure of which would, in the opinion of the certifier, be significant

  • Works which, in the opinion of the certifier, constitute unusual designs or methods of construction

  • Work relating to fire safety

  • Types of work, construction, equipment or material which could if not verified, cause defects which would, in the opinion of the certifier or designated inspector, be seriously detrimental to the fundamental purposes of the Building Regulations

  • Additional areas of work necessary for the subsequent issue of a certificate at completion.

In practice, it is very likely that Resident Engineers will need to be appointed on a full or part time basis for any substantial building project to facilitate the necessary inspections.

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