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How do you save a search in the BCMS?

  1. In the Building Projects Module, click ‘Advanced Search.’

  2. Click ‘CLEAR.’

  3. In the LOCAL AUTHORITY filter box, select the relevant local authority.

  4. On the bottom left-hand side of the search panel, there are 2 boxes, ‘Display Columns’ and ‘Hide Columns.’ Click on each of the items you don’t wish to see in the Display Columns box and move each to the Hide Columns one – and vice versa with Hide Columns. Important information to display is Date submitted, Project Name, Submission No., Status, and Validation Status.

  5. Set the ‘Order by Column’ option (Date submitted is useful here).

  6. Set the ‘Direction’ option (Ascending is useful).

  7. Set the ‘Save Search As’ option to name the search as something meaningful.

  8. Click ‘SAVE’.

  9. To run the saved search, select the name saved above (i.e. in Step 7) from the ‘Saved Searches’ dropdown.

Note: When re-running a saved search, select its name from the ‘Saved Searches’ dropdown. Don’t click the ‘Search’ button; doing so runs the system’s standard default search.

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