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What are the key components of the Building Control Regulations/Building Regulations?

BCMS Building Control Act 1990-2007
1. Building Control Regulations:
Notices – Section 6(k), Building Control Acts 1990-2014
  • Commencement Notice with additional compliance documentation
  • Commencement Notice with Opt Out declaration
  • Commencement Notice without additional compliance documentation
  • 7-Day Notice, including Fire Safety Certificate and or Statutory Declaration
  • Lodgement of Plans
  • Design Certificate: Notices of Assignment, Undertaking Certificates, Schedule of Documents, and Preliminary Inspection Plan
  •  Certificate of Compliance on Completion (CCC): Annex Table of Documents and Inspection Plan as implemented
  • S6(2)(a)(ii) Fire Safety Certificate (FSC)
  • S6(2)(a)(vi) Revised FSC; Regularisation FSC
  • S6(2)(a)(ix) Disability Access Certificate (DAC)
  • S6(2)(a)(x) Revised DAC
Statutory Public Register
  •  Validation by BCA
2. Building Regulations - Technical Guidance Documents:
  •  Applications, Dispensations and Relaxations: Parts A-M
See also
  1. BCAs Framework, June 2016
  2. Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Works, September 2016
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