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What are the key definitions contained in Building Control legislation?


Design – the preparation of plans, particulars, drawings, specifications, calculations and other expressions of purpose according to which the construction, extension, alteration, repair or renewal concerned is to be executed and "designed" shall be construed accordingly

Construction – the execution of works in connection with buildings and any act or operation necessary for or related to the construction, extension, alteration, repair or renewal of a building and "constructed" shall be construed accordingly

Building – part of a building and any class or classes of structure which are prescribed by the Minister to be a building for the purposes of this Act

Works – any act or operation in connection with the construction, extension, alteration, repair or renewal of a building

Minor works – works consisting of the installation, alteration or removal of a fixture or fitting or works of a decorative nature

Substantial work has been completed – the structure of the external walls of the building has been erected

Repair or renewal – works of maintenance or restoration of a routine nature relating to the keeping of a building in good condition or
working order

Material alteration – an alteration (other than a repair or renewal), where the work, or any part of the work, carried out by itself would be subject to a requirement of Part A or B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations

Material change of use – per Section 3(3) of the Building Control Acts, a building not originally constructed for occupation as a dwelling, or which, though so constructed, has been appropriated to other purposes, becomes used as a dwelling

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