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What are the most common building defects observed by Building Control Authorities?


Some of the most common building defects noted by the BCA's are listed below:

  1. Underfloor fill – panel fixings, pyrite etc. (Parts A, C and D)

  2. Moisture ingress – radon, DPC (Part C)

  3. Fire resistance – eaves, party walls, ducting (Part B)

  4. Sound transmission – flooring detail, insulation (Parts E and L)

  5. Condensation and mould growth (Part F)

  6. Frozen pipes, attic tank, stopcocks (Part G)

  7. Septic tanks overload, flooding (Part H)

  8. Flues, location, size, burners (Part J)

  9. Balcony, stair rails wrong height, glass (Part K)

  10. Steps to entrances (Part M)

  11. Non-existent BER calculations, stud fixings, cavities clear of mortar (Part L)

  12. Timber frame – fixings, vapour control, cavity barriers, fire stopping (Part L)

  13. Uncertified blocks (Parts A and D)

Fire stopping Cavity Radon Timber frame DPC Blocks Attic Flooring BER