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What considerations should be given to multi-unit developments?

  1. Commencement Notices for each individual property are not appropriate as regards multiple Building Regulations compliance factors lying outside the site boundaries of individual properties.

  2. Single Commencement Notices are appropriate for multi-unit developments where the entire development is to be completed continuously (i.e. from commencement) in one phase.

  3. Where multi-unit developments are intended to be completed in phases, separate Commencement Notices should be submitted for each phase.

  4. Each individual property within each phase, where phasing is applied, must comply with Building Regulations at the time of disposal, including compliance with matters that lie outside the legal boundaries of each such individual unit but that impact on compliance.

  5. Per the Building Control Regulations 1997, individual units must commence on a specified date 14-28 days of submission of Commencement Notice.


If you are in doubt, contact your local Building Control Authority.

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