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What documents/forms are required to accompany a CCC?


The documents listed below are required when submitting a CCC however, it should be noted that not all will be required to be uploaded to the BCMS system. All of the below documentation, whether to be uploaded or not, should be kept on file available on request (AOR) by the Building Control Authority

  • CCC - To be signed by builder and assigned certifier - Statutory document - Upload to BCMS.

  • Inspection Plan as Implemented - Must be completed by the assigned certifier - Upload to BCMS.

  • Annex of Documents - Table of plans, calculations, ancillary certificates, and particulars used for the purpose of construction and demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations and showing, particularly, how the completed building/works differ from the design submitted to the Building Control Authority prior to construction (details of relevant plans etc. may be listed below and attached) – Upload to BCMS.

  • Differences from commencement submission - Plans, calculations, specifications, ancillary certificates and particulars - AOR.

If relevant

Disability Access Certificate(s) revised, Fire Safety Certificate(s) revised, Relaxation of Building Regulations, Dispensation from Building Regulations, other relevant compliances that may be listed in the Annex of documents, DEAP calculations, and NEAP calculations – all AOR


Phased developments must stand alone for full compliance - Check Building Regulations; compliance documentation/report re. temporary compliances subject to future development works compliances, i.e. when development is complete in full previous CCC reference no. documentation/report part of this CCC; other Commencement Notices relevant to the Completion Certificate – all AOR

Table A4 - Typical Supporting Documentation