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What is the Building Life Cycle Strategic Management Cycle?


Diagram A25 - The building life cycle strategic management cycle

Diagram A25 - The building life cycle strategic management cycle

Once a design has been finalised planning permission must be submitted and granted prior to any works commencing on site.

Following on from the grant of the planning permission the appropriate notices must be submitted to Building Control in the relevant Local Authority i.e. commencement notice. It should be noted that there may be conditions on the planning permission grant that may need to be satisfied before works can commence on site, these should be addressed prior to the submission of a commencement notice.

Depending on the type of building being constructed i.e. apartment block, duplex/apartment blocks, a fire safety certificate application and disability access certificate application may be required to be submitted to the local authority to be assessed by the fire service and building control, this must be finalised prior to occupation of the building. It should be noted that this is not required for single family dwelling homes.

If you are unsure as to whether you are required to obtain a fire safety certificate you should consult a fire safety engineer for clarity.