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What is the context of Building Control in the built environment?


Building Control must commence within 14-28 days of Commencement Notice validation. Once complete, it must comply with the 2nd schedule requirements of the Building Regulations Parts A-M.

Part A – Structure (2010)

Part B – Fire Safety (2017)

Part C – Site preparation and Resistance to Moisture Resistance (2004)

Part D – Materials and Workmanship (2013)

Part E – Sound (2014)

Part F – Ventilation (2009)

Part G – Hygiene (2011)

Part H – Drainage and Waste Water Disposal (2010) Amendment (2016)

Part J – Heat Producing Appliances (2014)

Part K – Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards (2014)

Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy (2017)

Part M – Access and Use (2010)

Fire safety Stairways Energy Drainage Ventilation