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What issues should I consider to ensure compliance with Building Regulations for multi-unit developments?


Regarding compliance with Parts A-M, you should consider the following issues.

  • The preference for a Certificate of Compliance of Completion for each single, legally distinct property.

  • Completion in one uninterrupted phase, or several phases.

  • Taking in charge?

  • Do you require a single Commencement Notice or multiple CNs?

  • The length of time that might elapse between commencement on work on the first units of a large development, work on last units, and full completion; and taking in charge.

  • The dispersal of parts of large developments to different builders.

  • Building Control Regulations 1997-2015: works must commence on a specified date 14-28 days after Commencement Notice submission.

  • If phased work is proposed, are separate Commencement Notices necessary?