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What should the Assigned Certifier undertake to do?


The Assigned Certifier’s role is to inspect and coordinate the inspection activities of others during construction, and certify the building/works on completion. Their role doesn’t include responsibility for the supervision of any builder while they may/may not be a member of the design team.

Assigned Certifiers should:

  • Provide and sign the relevant statutory certificates – the Form of Undertaking at Commencement and the Certificate of Compliance on Completion (CCC).

  • Coordinate the ancillary certification by the design team and other relevant bodies for the CCC.

  • Identify all design professionals and specialists, in conjunction with the builder, from whom certificates are required.

  • Identify all required certificates and obtain them.

  • Coordinate and collate all compliance certification in conjunction with the builder.

  • In consultation with the design team, plan and oversee the implementation of the Inspection Plan during construction.

  • Prepare Preliminary Inspection Plan; oversee adherence to this plan, and on completion, provide Inspection Plan as implemented.

  • On termination/relinquishment of their appointment, make available all certification prepared and inspection reports conducted to the building owner.

  • Act as the single point of contact with the BCA during construction.

  • Seek advice from the BCA, in respect of compliance matters relating to the building or works where disputes/differences of opinion arise between parties to the project.

  • Maintain inspection records.