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What are the regulations on fuel and energy conservation in buildings other than dwellings?


The Building Regulations – Part L

L1 -- Fuel Conservation

A building shall be designed and constructed to ensure that its energy performance limits the amount of energy required for its operation and the amount of CO2 emissions associated with ita energy use insofar as is reasonably practicable.

L4 -- Buildings other than dwellings

For buildings other than dwellings, L1 requirements shall be met by:

(a) providing that the new building’s energy performance limits the calculated primary energy consumption and related CO2 emissions insofar as is reasonably practicable when both energy consumption and CO2 emissions are calculated using the Non-Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (NEAP) published by Sustainable Energy Ireland

(b) limiting heat loss and, where appropriate, maximising heat gains through the building’s fabric

(c) providing energy efficient space and water heating services, including adequate control of these services

(d) ensuring that the building is appropriately designed to limit the need for cooling and, where air conditioning or mechanical ventilation is installed, that installed systems are energy efficient, appropriately sized, and adequately controlled

(e) limiting heat loss from pipes, ducts, and vessels used for the transport or storage of heated water or air

(f) limiting heat gains by chilled water and refrigerant vessels, and by pipes and ducts that serve air conditioning systems

(g) providing energy efficient artificial lighting systems (other than emergency, display, or special process lighting) and adequate control of these systems

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