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What are the regulations on heat-producing appliances?

The Building Regulations, Part J – SI 133 (2014)
J1 -- Air Supply
A heat-producing appliance shall be installed so that there is an adequate supply of air to it for combustion to prevent overheating, and for the efficient working of any discharge of products of combustion.
J2(a) -- A heat-producing appliance shall have adequate provision for the discharge of the products of combustion to the outside air.
J2(b) -- Warning of Carbon Monoxide release
Reasonable provision shall be made to avoid danger to the health and safety of dwelling occupants caused by carbon monoxide released by heat-producing appliances.
J3 -- Building Protection
A heat-producing appliance and any flue pipe shall be designed and installed, and any chimney designed and constructed, to reduce to a reasonable level the risk of the building catching fire as a consequence of its use.
J4(a) -- Provision of Information
Where a hearth, fireplace, flue or chimney is provided/extended, a durable notice containing information on the type of heat-producing appliance that can be served safely by the hearth, fireplace, flue or chimney shall be affixed in a suitable place in the building.
J4(b) -- Information on the system installed and any continuing maintenance required to ensure its safe, effective operation and avoidance of health risks shall be provided to the owner.
J5 -- Fuel storage system – Protection against fire spread and that of any associated fire to the system.
A fixed fuel storage system serving a heat-producing appliance and any associated pipework carrying fuel to that appliance shall be located to reduce to a reasonable level the risk of fuel ignition due to fire-spread from the building being served or an adjacent building/premises.
J6 -- Liquid fuel storage system – protection against pollution by the system.
A fixed liquid fuel storage tank serving a heat-producing appliance, and the pipes connecting to it shall be located, constructed, and protected to reduce to a reasonable level, the risk of fuel escaping and causing pollution.
J7 -- Definitions
‘heat-producing appliance’ – a fixed appliance (including a cooker and an open fire) designed to burn solid fuel, oil, bio-fuel or gas; including an incinerator.