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What are the regulations on site preparation and moisture resistance?


The Building Regulations, Part C

C1 -- Site Preparation

The ground to be covered by a building shall be reasonably free from vegetable matter.

C2 -- Subsoil Drainage

This shall be provided if necessary to prevent the passage of ground moisture to the building’s interior or damage to its fabric.

C3 -- Dangerous Substances

Reasonable precautions shall be taken to avoid danger to health and safety caused by substances (including contaminants) found on/in the ground to be covered by a building.

C4 -- Weather and ground moisture resistance

The floors, walls, and roof of a building shall be so designed and constructed to prevent the passage of moisture to the inside of the building or damage to its fabric.

C5 -- Definitions

‘contaminant’ – any substance that is or could become flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, or radioactive, and any deposits of faecal or animal matter

‘floor’ – any base or structure between the surface of the ground or any hardcore laid on the ground and the floor’s upper surface, including finishes laid as part of the permanent construction

‘moisture’ – water vapour and liquid water

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