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What are the regulations on stairs, ladders, ramps, and guards?

The Building Regulations, Part K – SI 180 (2014)
K1 -- Stairways, Ladders, and Ramps
These shall afford safe passage for the users of a building.
K2 -- Protection from Falling
In a building, the sides of every floor, balcony, and every part of a roof to which people normally have access, and sunken areas connected to a building, shall be guarded to protect users from the risk of falling.
K3 -- Vehicle ramps, floors, and roofs
In a building, the sides of every vehicle ramp, and every floor and roof to which vehicles have access shall be guarded against the risk of vehicles falling therefrom.
K4 -- Application
This Part’s requirements apply to stairways, ladders, and ramps that form part of a building’s structure.
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