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How Much Will It Cost To Improve My BER?

How much will this cost? 

We have outlined rough costs below based on figures cited on contractors websites, electric Ireland and SEAI. They are estimates only. However, before embarking on doing any work to your property to improve its BER we would recommend you check out the grants available from SEAI. Please note that you must have grant approval from SEAI in place before any purchase of materials or commencement of energy upgrades are undertaken.

They currently include grants for the following:

  • Insulation
  • Heat pumps 
  • Heating controls
  • Solar water heating
  • Solar Electricity grant

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland* (SEAI) estimates that heating a 100 square metre, 3-bedroom, semi-detached costs €380 a year in an A-rated home.

The cost rises to €1,850 a year in a home with a D rating and costs up to €4,000 a year in a G-rated home. Based on these SEAI figures, increasing your home’s BER rating from a D to an A might reduce your energy bills by 80%.