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How To Apply

To apply for the grant visit

This link outlines the steps required to obtain the grant including:

  1. Decide what upgrades you are going to do. It is recommended that you consult with a builder / architect. 
  2. Choose a registered technical advisor. (Required for heat pump grant only). 
  3. Choose an SEAI registered contractor for the works. 
  4. Apply for the grant online via SEAI or by post. 
  5. Accept grant which should be immediate if applied for online. 
  6. Get the works completed by registered contractor. Works to be paid for to the registerer contractor. Registered BER assessor is to complete post works BER assessment and your cert is to be published. 
  7. Receive payment once all grant paperwork is submitted in hard copy of to [email protected].

Information above taken from SEAI website March 2021. For more information of terms and conditions of grants please go to