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Improving your BER rating

Should I try and improve my BER? 

Based on SEAI figures, increasing your home’s BER rating from a D to an A might reduce your energy bills by 80%.

How long is a BER valid for?

It’s valid for 10 years providing there are no material changes to the building that could affect the energy rating.

How do I improve my BER? 

The first thing to do to improve your BER is to review the advisory report produced as part of your BER assessment. 

Outlined below are a few ways in which you can improve your BER:

  1. Insulate attic, external walls, floors, pipes. 
  2. Replace gas boilers / oil boilers with a heat pump or a more energy efficient boiler. 
  3. Provide renewable sources of energy e.g. solar. 
  4. Replace existing windows with more energy efficient windows.