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What Information Do I Need To Give The BER Assessor?

  • Your MPRN number - found on an electricity bill, and your Eircode
  • Details of previous BER assessments (where relevant)
  • Information regarding the year the house was built, any drawings, plans or specifications of the house, and the age of any extensions added to the house (where relevant). If you don’t have this information, you can check planning records in your local authority or on a planning search online. 
  • Details of any upgrade works done to the house if any have been undertaken. The appropriate certification should be provided from the contractor and confirmations of all products installed e.g. insulation in walls, new windows etc. 
  • Details on the make and model of your boiler and/or other heat sources. (e.g. you should be able to find this information on the side of your boiler)
  • Certification information for windows and doors – if you have this information to hand. (e.g. for windows, certification information should include the made, model, glazing, u-value and solar transmittance values)
  • Results of any air tightness tests completed