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What is the Cost of Building a Passive House?

The most recent Part L of the Building regulations requires that all new buildings need to comply with NZEBS (Near Zero Energy Building) i.e. a A2 BER rating.

To achieve Passive House Certification your building needs to achieve an A1 rating and the cost of achieving this is generally between 10% to 15% more expensive to build a passive house than a conventional house.

However there is a cost saving over time and the pay back is estimated to be between 7 and 10 years.

  • RUNNING COSTS - Heating and hot-water costs for a Passive House should be in the region of just €0.15 per square metre, per year
  • RESALE VALUE - Energy efficiency increases the resale value of your property
  • GRANT SUPPORT - Please check out our NZEBs section for details on grant support.