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Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are powered by the movement of the wind, which in turn is converted into usable electricity. Wind turbines are usually at their most efficient during the winter months; their peak output varies each day as per the weather conditions.

Wind turbines operate by wind passing over the blades and this causing them to rotate. The blade assembly and hub are connected directly to an electricity generator, which, as the blades and hub turn, create electricity. The converted electricity is passed through the turbines control unit that is connected directly into the mains' feed to the dwelling. Thus, when demand is required for electricity, it can be fed in ahead of the underground mains supply.

There are several preferred locations for the installation of wind turbines, these being:

  1. As high up as possible to get the maximum advantage from the wind.
  2. Directly on the side of the building facing into the prevailing, and ensuring that none of the building's structural features obstruct the wind from rotating the blades.
  3. If installed independent of a structure, ensure it is installed as far away as possible from buildings, vegetation, etc. that may obstruct the wind and therefore the full effectiveness of the wind turbine.