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Framed print of four ducks

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Talented artists have an incredible ability to inspire our emotions with their expressive imagery. They can portray a complex story in the simplest of compositions. Let’s Stroll is a wonderfully endearing picture that cannot fail to charm and which fires the imagination.

This beautiful print features hand torn paper and an attractive, neutral frame which would complement any interior. Four gorgeous Aylesbury ducks are setting off for a stroll and you cannot help but wonder where they are going and what it is that has grabbed their attention! It is almost as if the characterful creatures are about to step straight out of the picture. This stylish, ready to hang print would certainly be a fabulous addition to your home.

Aylesbury ducks are large white birds with striking yellow bills. In 18th century England, white ducks were originally an accident of genetics rather than a specific breed but were sought after for their white feathers which were used to fill quilts. Ducks were then bred for their colour around the town of Aylesbury and the name stuck. Let’s Stroll perfectly captures the personality and charm of these fascinating creatures and so provides an attention grabbing piece which would inject great character into any room.

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