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Glass vase with rope style handle

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€25.00 Inc. Vat

€20.33 Ex. Vat


A beautiful homeware accessory that boasts a truly chic nautical style, the Vitto Glass Vase with Handle is a superb way for any homeowner to introduce a modern and unique aesthetic to any room.

A vase that would equally striking in a living room, dining room, bedroom or even a bathroom, each Vitto Glass Vase stands at 20cm in height, measures 17cm in diameter and will perfectly complement any style of furniture and decor.
Looking at first glance like a sea faring lantern or similarly quirky item, each vase boasts an elegant glass body that narrows into a neck which is attractively surrounded by a metallic collar. On that collar is mounted a beautiful rope style handle which can be strikingly stood upright if desired or moved aside for when the vase is displaying flowers or other contents.

As an extra elegant finishing touch, too, the main body of the Vitto vase is adorned with a decorative metallic mesh style covering which succeeds in making the vase even more eye-catching whether it?s filled or left empty.

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