Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove


100% real leather reclining armchair

Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove photo 1
Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove photo 1 Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove photo 2 Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove photo 3 Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove photo 4 Grey Leather Reclining Armchair - Groove photo 5

€699.00 Inc. Vat

€568.29 Ex. Vat


12-month warranty with 10-year frame guarantee

The Groove Recliner is classic, elegant, designed with 100% real leather Reclining Armchair in a light grey colour.

99cm (Height), 90cm (Width), 95cm-170cm (Depth)

This Armchair can be purchased individually or with other matching pieces in the Sienna Sofa Collection which also includes a Reclining 3 Seater and Reclining 2 Seater.


  • Assembly: Fully assembled
  • Material: Leather
  • Colour: Grey
  • Seat number: 1
  • Mechanism: Reclining 
  • Functionality: Manual


  • Arm filling: High-density loose fibre fibre filling for comfort/ consistency and gentle support
  • Seat support: Nosag springs supported by plywood
  • Seat cushion: Thick foam and fibre filling, supported by hypoallergenic dacron
  • Back support and filling: High-grade, fibre-filled cushions for comfort, consistency and support with nosag springs supported by rubber webbing for even weight distribution
  • Ergonomics: You can sink into the luxurious leather and thick foam and fibre filling, knowing you are being fully supported by the high tensile springs and durable wooden frame.


Genuine Leather Care:

  • Genuine leather is durable and will last you a lifetime if properly maintained. Regular maintenance is required for genuine leather
  • Use leather cleaning wipes 3-4 times a year or more often in sunny or dry rooms, homes with pets, and high-use rooms. These wipes clean, add moisture and add a protective barrier to your leather furniture which can help to prevent scratches. 
  • Remove a build-up of dust on leather with a slightly damp cloth. Dust will need to be removed from time to time because dust can be abrasive and wear leather down.
  • Do not use baby wipes to clean your leather furniture. These contain chemicals that will damage your leather over time. 
  • Remove stains that have just occurred (grease, wine etc.), using a slightly damp cloth. Using leather wipes creates a barrier to prevent stains from absorbing in.
  • Remove ink by using an ink remover wipe. This can be found in most leather cleaning kits.
  • Avoid placing your genuine leather furniture next to heat sources such as radiators, fires, or areas that receive a lot of sun. This will dry out your leather upholstery quicker which can lead to damage.
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