Grey Oak Coffee Table - Georgia


Grey oak coffee table with natural finished top

Grey Oak Coffee Table - Georgia photo 1
Grey Oak Coffee Table - Georgia photo 1 Grey Oak Coffee Table - Georgia photo 2 Grey Oak Coffee Table - Georgia photo 3

€299.00 Inc. Vat

€243.09 Ex. Vat


12-month warranty

The classically sleek yet contemporary design will be a practical yet stylish addition to your space.

49cm (Height), 120cm (Width), 60cm (Depth)

The perfect centrepiece for the rest of the stunning Georgia living room collection.


  • Assembly: Assembly required

  • Material: Durable and damage-resistant oak

  • Colour: Grey and oak


  • Number of Shelves: 1

  • Table Shape: Rectangular

  • Table Edges: Pointed


Hardwood Care:

Hardwood is a durable and strong material that has a high resistance against damage.

  • Remove dust from hardwood using a barely damp lint-free cloth (ideally micro-fibre). Dust, when not removed, will become abrasive and can damage the wood.

  • Wipe up any sticky areas or spills quickly using a barely damp microfibre cloth to avoid soakage. There should not be enough water in this cloth to leave a residue.

  • Remove burn marks using fine sandpaper and follow the grain of the wood.

  • Use fine sandpaper and follow the grain of the wood before oiling.

  • Hardwood needs to be oiled on a regular basis to stop it from drying out. Use and apply Danish Oil with a lint-free cloth (micro-fibre) 3-4 times a year. Follow the grain of the wood. This oil will absorb quickly and add a layer of water/stain repellent to the surface of a hardwood dining table. It will also help to cover any scratches and add to its lustre and colour.

* Chemical & disinfectant sprays should be avoided at all costs. *

Always consult the manufacturer's instructions before treating your wood as the correct treatment will vary according to the nature of the wood and the processes used to finish it.

We recommend contacting a wood care technician to fix any permanent damage or long-term stains that have occurred over time.

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