King Size (5 ft) White Bed Frame - Malmo


White pine bed frame

King Size (5 ft) White Bed Frame - Malmo photo 1
King Size (5 ft) White Bed Frame - Malmo photo 1 King Size (5 ft) White Bed Frame - Malmo photo 2 King Size (5 ft) White Bed Frame - Malmo photo 3 King Size (5 ft) White Bed Frame - Malmo photo 4

€679.00 Inc. Vat

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High quality, classical charm and contemporary styling are all harnessed in perfect combination to produce the magnificent Malmo King Size White Bed Frame, a fabulous furniture focal point for any master bedroom.

105cm(Height), 219cm(Length), 166cm(Width)

Warranty: 2-year guarantee.

A perfect companion piece to the Malmo chest of drawers.


Softwood Care:

Softwood is a lighter and usually less expensive alternative to hardwood. It is also non-porous because they are usually already lacquered and sealed which adds a moisture barrier.

  • Remove dust from hardwood using a barely damp lint-free cloth (ideally micro-fibre). Dust, when not removed, will become abrasive and can damage the wood.

  • Wipe up any sticky areas or spills quickly using a barely damp microfibre cloth. There should not be enough water in this cloth to leave a residue. A softwood dining table is usually lacquered/sealed and this provides a moisture barrier that prevents spills from soaking in. This sealant is also highly resistant to heat and water.

  • Softwood doesna??t require any oiling or waxing.

* Chemical & disinfectant sprays should be avoided at all costs. *

Always consult the manufacturera??s instructions before treating your wood as the correct treatment will vary according to the nature of the wood and the processes used to finish it.

We recommend contacting a wood care technician to fix any permanent damage or long-term stains that have occurred over time.


Colour: White

Material: Pine

Bed size: King - 5t

Bed type: Bed frames

Slate support type: Flat wood for support and even weight distribution

Headboard height:

Base height:

Feet height:

Assembly: Assembly required

No specifications available for this product.

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