Modern Wide Glass Vase - Libera


Wide glass vase with metallic leaf print design

Modern Wide Glass Vase - Libera photo 1
Modern Wide Glass Vase - Libera photo 1 Modern Wide Glass Vase - Libera photo 2 Modern Wide Glass Vase - Libera photo 3

€25.00 Inc. Vat

€20.33 Ex. Vat


An outstanding ornament that can introduce some extra elegance and added charm wherever you place it, the gorgeous Libera Wide Glass Vase is sure to look magnificent on your mantelpiece, sensational on a sideboard or fantastic by the fireplace.

Oozing class and sophistication, the exquisite glass vase has a goblet style shape with a delicate based and stem supporting a wide and squat bowl atop it. The base boasts a beautiful metallic finish that can't fail but catch the eye and which is replicated in the patternation of the bowl itself.

In the case of the bowl element of the vase, however, the metallic finish is interrupted by charming see through panels which give the Libera some added character. Those panels, too, mean that whatever is in the vase ? whether it be a floral display, potpourri or something else besides - is ably shown off through the sides to create an even more eye-catching effect.


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