Oak Extendable Table - Milton


Contemporary Oak Finish Dining Table

Oak Extendable Table - Milton photo 1
Oak Extendable Table - Milton photo 1 Oak Extendable Table - Milton photo 2 Oak Extendable Table - Milton photo 3

€1,099.00 Inc. Vat

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Delight your family and impress any and every dinner guest you entertain at home, by introducing the beautiful Milton Dining Table to your dining room.

Expertly designed and lovingly crafted, the Milton Dining Table is composed of magnificent and naturally attractive oak timber, which is then given a simple oiled finish to further enhance the inherent beauty of the wood.
Building upon the natural attractiveness of the material, the Milton Dining Table also boasts clean lines and rounded edges throughout, which give it a contemporary feel with a flavour of Scandinavian sophistication.
Standing at 76cm in height and always measuring 90cm in width, the debonair dining table has a special trick up its sleeve when it comes to its length. That is that it can be extended to 180cm from its usual 140cm when required, in order to accommodate unexpected or extra diners.  

Care & Maintain:

Protect oiled furniture from spills by nourishing the wood periodically. 

Apply a thin coat of clear oil regularly or whenever the wood lightens, feels dry to the touch or displays lighter patches. Take care not to over oil as this could create a shiny finish. If this maintenance is not carried out the wood may become dry, lose its depth of colour and become susceptible to staining and water marking. 

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