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Rustic oak bench

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€549.00 Inc. Vat

€446.34 Ex. Vat


12-month warranty

An excellent example of rustic contemporary design, the Athens bench is a versatile piece that would lend great character to your home. Combining the gorgeous texture of oak with amazing craftsmanship, this bench is a stylish and practical choice.

45cm (Height), 200cm (Width), 38cm (Depth)

The perfect companion to the Athens dining table.


  • Assembly: Fully assembled

  • Material: Oak for durable support

  • Colour: Rustic oak


  • Leg material: Oak for durable support

  • Ergonomics: You can dine in true comfort knowing you are being fully supported by the sturdy oak legs and frame.


Hardwood Care:

  • Hardwood is a durable and strong material that has a high resistance against damage.

  • Remove dust from hardwood using a barely damp lint-free cloth (ideally micro-fibre). Dust, when not removed, will become abrasive and can damage the wood.

  • Wipe up any sticky areas or spills quickly using a barely damp microfibre cloth to avoid soakage. There should not be enough water in this cloth to leave a residue.

  • Remove burn marks using fine sandpaper and follow the grain of the wood.

  • Use fine sandpaper and follow the grain of the wood before oiling.

  • Hardwood needs to be oiled on a regular basis to stop it from drying out. Use and apply Danish Oil with a lint-free cloth (micro-fibre) 3-4 times a year. Follow the grain of the wood. This oil will absorb quickly and add a layer of water/stain repellant to the surface of a hardwood dining table. It will also help to cover any scratches and add to its lustre and colour.

  • * Chemical & disinfectant sprays should be avoided at all costs. *

  • Always consult the manufacturer's instructions before treating your wood as the correct treatment will vary according to the nature of the wood and the processes used to finish it.

  • We recommend contacting a wood care technician to fix any permanent damage or long-term stains that have occurred over time.

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