Single (3 ft) Beige Pocket Sprung Mattress - Saol Fada Platinum 1800


Single (3 ft) Beige Pocket Sprung Mattress

Single (3 ft) Beige Pocket Sprung Mattress - Saol Fada Platinum 1800 photo 1
Single (3 ft) Beige Pocket Sprung Mattress - Saol Fada Platinum 1800 photo 1 Single (3 ft) Beige Pocket Sprung Mattress - Saol Fada Platinum 1800 photo 2 Single (3 ft) Beige Pocket Sprung Mattress - Saol Fada Platinum 1800 photo 3

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The single (3ft) Saol Fada Platinum 1800 from King Koil is an extremely impressive mattress. Boasting 1,800 heavy-duty nested pocket springs, this mattress ensures that your spine is correctly aligned throughout the night. Nested pocket springs differ from regular pocket springs, put simply, they have a honeycomb effect, which means little to no movement in the springs. This means sleep disturbance is almost completely eliminated with the Saol Fada. Its reinforced perimeter frame and foam wall encasement give excellent edge-to-edge support which helps to prevent sagging. The ultimate non-sag mattress offers a greater amount of support to those who sleep on their side. Although, it is constructed to maintain and support all sleeping positions throughout the night. To learn more about the various springs and fillings available in mattresses, read; The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Mattress.

Extra spine support in the centre section of this mattress is provided by the Chirospan Posturisation. This is a series of steel bands that work with the coils to create a superior tension-reinforced centre. This supportive mattress has been rated by us as a medium-to-firm mattress using our comfort rating guide. It is also endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) as being good for your posture, making this ideal for those who suffer from back or spine pain

The most unique feature of this mattress is its reversible Katyex topper. It adds comfort with minimal settlement and body impression and can be used in 3 different ways. Firstly, to personalise your sleep even further, you can remove this topper. This will make the mattress firmer. Secondly, you need only replace the topper every 10-15 years and will not have to buy a new mattress ever again. And lastly, you flip and rotate the topper regularly because it unclips easily. This mattress’s depth measures at 35cm or 13.7".

The Saol Fada Platinum 1800 mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and is easy to maintain. This is a rotation-only mattress, meaning it does not require flipping. It also features handles on it which makes it easier to transport or rotate. 

Key Features:

  • 1,800 heavy-duty nested pocket springs.
  • Reinforced perimeter frame.
  • Chirospan Posturisation.
  • Reversible Katyex Topper.
  • ICA endorsed.

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A mattress protector is highly recommended as it adds to the lifespan of a mattress and helps to protect it. All of our mattress protectors come with a free guarantee. If anything should happen to your mattress while using your mattress protector and within the specified time period, the staining will be removed free of charge or the mattress can be replaced outright.

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Note: Firmness ratings are a general guide only. Everyone will experience the firmness of the mattress slightly differently. Firmness is subjective and personal preference, injuries, and weight, can all play a huge role in deciding which firmness rating is the right one for you. We do recommend, where possible, that you try out the mattress in-store first to ensure that you make the best decision. 

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