Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary


Handmade Irish medium comfort mattress

Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 1
Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 1 Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 2 Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 3 Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 4 Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 5 Single (3 ft) Back-Care 1000 Mattress - Rosemary photo 6

€799.00 Inc. Vat

€649.59 Ex. Vat


The single (3ft) Rosemary Back-Care 1000 Mattress from Odearest features 1,000 individual pocket springs. Pocket springs deliver personalised support because they move independently from one another. They also help to minimise sleep disturbance and aid comfort. An insulator pad can be found around every pocket spring in the Rosemary. These pads are included to protect the comfort layers of the mattress. The Rosemary Back-Care 1000 Mattress features a breathable Tencel fabric which controls the surface temperature of the mattress. Breathable materials like this one allow good airflow which ultimately prevents overheating. Our sleep experts have rated this a medium-to-firm mattress

Full body support is further enhanced by the V60 Visco Elastic (Open Cell) memory foam found in this mattress. Suitable for all sleeping positions, this foam allows for optimal pressure relief and is a softer and cooler alternative to closed-cell foam usually found in mattresses. To find out about alternative mattress fillings and what they can do for you, read The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Mattress. The Flex-Edge Border Supports prevent sagging around the edges of the mattress and reinforce its edge-to-edge support. While this mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, side sleepers will find this feature to be extremely beneficial because they require additional support during the night. This mattress’s depth measures at 28cm or 11".

The Rosemary Back-Care 1000 Mattress comes with a 6-year warranty and is turn-free. 

Key Features:

  • 1,000 Individual Pocket Springs.
  • Tencel Fabric.
  • V60 Visco Elastic (Open Cell) Memory Foam.

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A mattress protector is highly recommended as it adds to the lifespan of a mattress and helps to protect it. All of our mattress protectors come with a free guarantee. If anything should happen to your mattress while using your mattress protector and within the specified time period, the staining will be removed free of charge or the mattress can be replaced outright.

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Note: Firmness ratings are a general guide only. Everyone will experience the firmness of the mattress slightly differently. Firmness is subjective and personal preference, injuries, and weight, can all play a huge role in deciding which firmness rating is the right one for you. We do recommend, where possible, that you try out the mattress in-store first in order to ensure that you make the best decision. 

Please be aware that all mattresses need to be rotated on a regular basis to properly support the body.

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