White House Mirror - Teodor


Distressed Paint Wall Mirror

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Providing timeless charm and sophisticated style, the terrific Teodor Mirror is an ideal choice for any homeowner who wants their abode to be the very height of elegance and class. Offering a look reminiscent of a grand palace or an opulent villa, each mirror boasts an understated rectangular shape and can be quickly and easily hung in pride of place wherever you wish within your home.

The mirror?s frame is then finished cleverly and beautifully in a style to make it resemble ornately crafted stonework. The colour of the frame begins to produce that charming effect and it is then completed perfectly by the inclusion of an intricate, classical style design above the mirror itself at the top. Sure to grab the attention and catch the eye, anyone who does gaze into the tremendous Teodor Mirror is sure to see a look of admiration at the item?s beauty on their own face.

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