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Providing outstanding pressure relief, the V85 back sleeper pillow guarantees a great night’s sleep and best suits those who usually sleep on their back or front. This is a slim pillow which has been designed to suit back sleepers whilst providing the highest levels of pressure relief, comfort and support. V85 is a premium grade visco-elastic material which has been approved for use in medical applications. The material boasts a unique open-cell structure which means that it is not reliant on body heat for pliability.

Comfort and support is, therefore, consistent throughout the year. The V85 Back Sleeper Pillow is also hypo-allergenic. If you sleep on your back and experience pressure pain, this fine pillow delivers the perfect solution. It might look like any other pillow when placed on your bed and dressed in your chosen pillowcase, but you will soon notice the outstanding performance when it’s time to get some sleep.

There is no point investing in a wonderful pillow if your mattress doesn’t perform equally well. Our range features an exceptional collection of high-quality mattresses which deliver the comfort and support that you need. Offering amazing pressure relief and support, the V85 Black Sleeper Pillow is a must-have to banish those aches and pains and to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

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