Small Double ( 4 ft ) Firm Mattress - Luxury 3200


3200 pocket sprung latex mattress

Small Double ( 4 ft ) Firm Mattress - Luxury 3200 photo 1
Small Double ( 4 ft ) Firm Mattress - Luxury 3200 photo 1 Small Double ( 4 ft ) Firm Mattress - Luxury 3200 photo 2 Small Double ( 4 ft ) Firm Mattress - Luxury 3200 photo 3

€1,699.00 Inc. Vat

€1,381.30 Ex. Vat


The Luxury 3200 Firm (4ft) small double mattress from the K Luxury Firm Collection is extremely comfortable and supportive. Exclusive to EZ Living Furniture, this premium mattress features 3,200 high-density pocket springs which are all designed to minimise sleep disturbance and offer advanced comforting support. The Luxury 3200 is an all-natural mattress, meaning it has all-natural fillings inside of it, including wool, silk, cashmere, and a layer of latex. The layer of latex is useful for those who tend to overheat during the night because it controls the surface temperature of the mattress. This ultimately helps to regulate a person’s body temperature and prevents overheating. This natural filling also helps to relieve back and joint pain, so it is particularly suitable for those who suffer from ongoing joint and back pain.

The Luxury 3200 has been rated by us as a medium-to-firm mattress using our comfort rating guide, although some individuals may find this to be slightly softer or firmer depending on their personal preference. To learn more about comfort ratings, read Soft, Medium or Firm, what is the difference?

While the high-density pocket springs give extra lumbar support to those who sleep on this mattress, the foam wall encasement gives reinforced edge-to-edge support to the perimeter of the mattress. The foam encasement is most beneficial for side sleepers because they require additional support throughout the night, although all sleeping positions will equally benefit from this mattress’s firm and supportive feel. The additional foam wall around the perimeter of the Luxury 3200 also helps to prevent any side-edge sagging in the future. Breathable mesh fabric helps the mattress to breathe and allows temperature control while the quilted finish provides added comfort. This mattress’s depth measures at 30cm or 11.8".

The Luxury 3200 Firm Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and is easy to maintain. This is a non-turn mattress meaning it requires regular rotation and even features handles for easier rotation. This mattress should not be flipped.

Key Features:

  • 3,200 High-Density Pocket Springs.
  • All Natural Fillings.
  • Temperature-Regulating Latex.
  • Foam Wall Encasement.
  • Quilted & Breathable Fabric Finish.

We have a large range of mattresses to choose from, for a softer or firmer alternative to the Luxury 3200, explore all of our mattresses to find the perfect one for you.

A mattress protector is highly recommended as it adds to the lifespan of a mattress and helps to protect it. All of our mattress protectors come with a free guarantee. If anything should happen to your mattress while using your mattress protector and within the specified time period, the staining will be removed free of charge or the mattress can be replaced outright.

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Note: Firmness ratings are a general guide only. Everyone will experience the firmness of the mattress slightly differently. Firmness is subjective and personal preference, injuries, and weight, can all play a huge role in deciding which firmness rating is the right one for you. We do recommend, where possible, that you try out the mattress in-store first in order to ensure that you make the best decision. 

Please be aware that all mattresses need to be rotated on a regular basis to properly support the body.

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