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Whether you’re designing a kitchen for your new home or giving you current one a makeover, choosing the best tiles is an important task. Tiles are a great choice for your kitchen as they protect from splashback from cooking at the hob and floor tiles are easy to clean. Learn more about the pros of tiling here

There is a large choice of tiles perfect for kitchen walls and floors. Manmade tiles are cost-effective and are the easiest to look after. Natural stone is a more expensive choice and is harder to look after but has beauty and individuality. Whichever tile material you pick, the choice of styles and colours are endless. The variety gives you the chance to create a picture-perfect kitchen for your home. 


Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

Natural stone tiles are a good choice for kitchen walls and tiles. Natural stone must be sealed to protect it and has to be cleaned with specially designed products. Natural stone tiling often has a shiny polished tile finishing. You can get many varieties of this tile such as marble and limestone.

Marble tiles are typically used for walls. We advise not to use it on the floor is it could be a slip hazard. Marble comes in grey and white tones as well as colourful, striking shades. An example of this is the Krystal Wall Mosaic. This tile is a mixture of beige marbles, mixed glass and brushed aluminium pieces. It’s used on walls and is a gorgeous tile that embellishes the kitchen.

Limestone is widely available and comes in a variety of colours and styles. By mixing the beige, grey, cream, and dark colours, you can create many different looks. Limestones can have differing durability, so make sure that if you’re using it on the floor, the stone is hard-wearing. If you like the look of limestone, Sintesis Perla is a porcelain tile with a limestone effect. It is a soft grey colour that is perfect for your kitchen wall or floor.

Manmade Kitchen Tiles

Manmade tiles such as ceramic and porcelain tiles can be found in a large variety of colours and patterns. With a wide array of finishes, such as gloss or matt, it’s easy to create the perfect finish for your kitchen.

Porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic and are high density, making them very hard-wearing. They are often chosen for floors due to their durability but are also be used on the wall. The soft grey semi-polished Start Light will give your kitchen a smooth and elegant look with a wonderful cement effect.

A matt tile gives a flat finish. This finish is less striking than a light-catching gloss version, but is a great way to introduce subtle contrast with other kitchen surfaces in. This beautiful blue patterned ceramic tile has a matt finish. Using Palau Celeste on your kitchen walls to contrast a plainer kitchen creates depth and character to the room.

Choosing your Perfect Tile

You may want to add personality to your kitchen with a colourful panel. Use colours reflectivity, and patterned tiles to create a wonderful feature to your kitchen. Maybe your kitchen floor will have decorative tiling instead. A patterned floor is trendy right now and is generally teamed with a plain wall tile. You may be after a natural and timeless stone or maybe a wood-look tile to evoke a natural warmth in the kitchen. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a few more examples below that are sure to inspire you!


White kitchen tiles are a fail-safe option and can be dressed up to make them more interesting. Choose a white tile with depth and definition such as the Neutra White Décor Tile.

The design adds character to the room. As mentioned before, white tiles can be a perfect contrast to colourful flooring, or a strip of patterned wall tiles and white tiles often give the illusion of a bigger space.

Patterned tiles are popular in the kitchen. Use an unusual tile shape like a hexagon or a herringbone design. You can use these patterns throughout the whole kitchen or dot some patchwork tiling around the walls, for example, this ceramic Patchwork tile. Whatever you choose, the right shape can create the perfect feature kitchen. 

If you have a smaller kitchen without many windows, use bold colours to brighten it up. Use an uplifting tiled splashback that is full of colour and pattern. This panelling is the perfect spot to showcase an artful statement to uplift your kitchen scheme. This wonderful Vita Natura Décor Mix of blue patterns is sure to brighten up any kitchen.

On the other hand, you may want your kitchen to be dark and dramatic. With the right balance, a striking contrast of a dark and light kitchen can be chic and glamorous. The Block Nordic Antracite Tile is a modern sleek porcelain decor tile. The dark tile could be used on the walls and floors, with a bright and modern kitchen put in to create a striking contrast.

Whether you choose the same tile for your whole kitchen or mix and match, the variety of tiling available makes us certain that you will find the perfect style for your home!

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