The Biggest Decorating Mistakes And How To Fix Them



 It’s a fact that everyone makes mistakes! Even in interior decorating, there are many decisions that can go wrong and have your living space look a bit… off. Following some basic interior design rules, you can save yourself from making these simple mistakes that we may all be guilty of at some point in our lives. If you’re a little worried that you may have already made a bad choice or two in your home interior EZ Living Furniture are here to help. Below we look at some of the most common home decorating mistakes and how you can fix

Take A Look At Your Rugs

The most customary mistake known by interior designers is the placement and size of rugs in a space. Rugs that are too small can have a room looking out of scale and a rug cutting through furniture at odd angles can have the place looking rather unbalanced.

How To Fix This:


The best thing to do in this case is plan before you even purchase a rug. Place your furniture in a room and measure the area in which you’d like the rug to take up. That way you can go out shopping with a size you have in mind.


Try to avoid cutting furniture when placing rugs make the decision to either have it all sitting on or off the rug as seen in the photos below: 

Don’t Overdo It With Pillows & Throws

Haven’t you heard the expression; less is more! Sometimes we can find ourselves drowning in fluffy blankets and pillows during the winter. While this is comfortable, it can often take up a lot of space in your living area and have it feeling very hectic. Not to mention throws can gather a lot of dust while sitting around in your home.

How To Fix This:

Focus on creating a simple aesthetic by purchasing a few scatter cushions and keeping things nice and organised. If you like to wrap up while on the sofa why not just keep a blanket in a storage basket nearby instead of displaying it on your sofa.


Blocking Natural Lighting

Another very common but also very influential mistake when decorating home interiors is to avoid blocking any natural light coming in from windows, sliding doors or openings in your home. Blocking natural lighting is the biggest thing to make a room look dull and uncomfortable to inhabit. This tip can also lessen the need for lights and lamps in your home which might also help with those electricity bills!

How To Fix This:

 If you have furniture in front of windows try to rearrange the display of your room to maximize the space around windows and have the room filling with natural lighting.

Everything Doesn’t Have To Be White

A preconceived notion about interior design spaces is that walls and furniture must be painted white in order to maximize lighting and make the room feeling airy. This is, in fact, incorrect and often just ends up making your home interior seem dull and lifeless.

How To Fix This:

Don’t be afraid to add some strong and subtle hints of colour to your home. Mix things up by painting one part of your room a different colour and hanging some vibrant wall art to add character to your room.

Placing Furniture Next To Walls

For smaller rooms which are tight of space, the logical thought is to push all your furniture against the walls of the room to create a bigger area in the middle. However interior designers will agree that this can often make the room look even smaller. By playing on the idea of space behind the furniture you can, in fact, make a room feeling airier.

How To Fix This:

If you’re really stuck for space in a room why not look at getting some furniture that’s compactable and convenient. This way you can save space and also keep a sense of style in your home.

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