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Large tiles (any tile with one edge longer than 15 inches) are today one of the most popular inclusions in any Irish home renovation, and for good reason. Uniquely versatile, they can be used in absolutely any room in the house, replacing carpets, wallpaper, wood flooring, and existing tile work.

We at Tile Merchant know that across Ireland’s counties, from the cities of Dublin, Cork and Gallway, to all the villages in between, the demand for large tiles is rapidly increasing. That’s why we’re here to draw your attention to this trend, and ensure that we meet your every need.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of large format tiles?

Advantages of large Format Tiles

Space: The large format of these tiles, and thus the fewer units needed to cover a room, trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it is. Whether you’ve already got plenty of space, or you’re pressed for it, creating the illusion that your rooms are wider and loftier than they actually are is always desirable.

Durability: If you’re concerned that large format tiles are more prone to cracking or breaking underfoot, then we’re happy to inform you that your fears are unfounded. Provided large tiles are installed by a professional tiler, they are as durable and damage-resistant as their smaller counterparts.


Maintenance: Small format tiles require a regular, time-consuming deep-cleaning of their grouting. Thanks to the size of large format tiles, there is naturally far less grouting exposed, and thus cleaning and maintenance times are dramatically reduced.

Aesthetic: At the end of the day, the final look is what really matters to the Irish homeowner. In our Dublin showrooms, we’re proud to display a wide selection of large tiles, from which you are sure to find a colour, texture, and material to suit your style. Large format tiles are the most modern, chic and sleek look on the tile market today, and the hottest trend in Ireland.

Disadvantages of Large Format Tiles

Cost: Large format tiles are more expensive in material and installation than smaller tiles and alternative options (such as carpets, wallpaper, or paint). Nevertheless, Irish homeowners who have installed them would be the first to tell you that the price is well worth it. Thanks to the hardiness of the tile materials, the ease of maintenance, and the timeless style, renovating your home with large tiles makes for a worthwhile investment.

Improving Bathrooms with Large Tiles

Bathroom Floor

Bathrooms are the dampest rooms in the house, with the potential to be the dirtiest, too. And if there’s one thing we all know about a combination of damp and grime when it comes to tiling, it’s that nasty black mould can start to eat away at unkempt grouting. Not only does this look terrible, it’s a sign of costly maintenance in the future. This is not the case with large bathroom floor tiles. Not only do they look great, these tiles drastically reduce bathroom floor cleaning time, as they require far less grouting than any other tile.

Large tiles in small bathrooms

When pressed, architects tend to save on space by fitting bathrooms into cramped corridors, or toilets into cupboards. Such rooms can feel oppressive to be in, which is particularly unideal when we think of how much time we must spend in them. One of the unique properties of large format tiles is that they trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it actually is. Moreover, with a range of light, airy coloured tiles to choose from at Tile Merchant Ireland (such as veined, marble-effect porcelain, whites, or light greys), you can instantly turn a small, claustrophobic space into a large, bright, welcoming environment.

Large tiles on bathroom walls

Large format tiles are the perfect tool for adding height to your bathroom walls. Rectangular tiles, installed horizontally along your bathroom walls, seem to push the ceiling up, creating the illusion that your bathroom is tall and lofty. Not only do the long vertical lines of grouting act as natural drainage (making cleaning as easy as with large bathroom floor tiles), but this illusory effect can seriously elevate your experience in the bathroom. Used in conjunction with large format floor tiles, you can choose to create an aesthetic contrast (think of dark grey flooring and marble-effect walls), or unity, extending the floor tiles up the wall to present a single, contained, clean and attractive space.

Large tiles on showers

Wet rooms are all the rage, and nothing says modern, 21st-century style like a semi-open, floor-to-ceiling large-tiled shower. We highly recommend using a porcelain tile for a job like this, as porcelain tiles come in a range of styles (from cement-look to metallic to marble-effect), but more importantly are anti-slip, thanks to their naturally denser, less porous composition.

Improving Kitchens with Large Tiles

When it comes to our kitchens, considerations differ quite considerably from those we make in bathroom design. For one, we don’t need to worry about humidity, dampness, or anti-slip properties. Instead, kitchens have their own set of special requirements.

Large tiles for kitchen splashback

When cooking, prepping, and eating, our kitchen walls are constantly being splashed with sauces, oils, and food, which can be a pain (if not impossible) to remove from non-tile materials. Even small tiles and mosaic tiles carry their own set of problems, since the extensive grouting is a magnet for splashback stains. However, large tiles are not only remarkably easy to clean (a quick wipe and you’re done), with minimal grouting meaning there’s less space for food and dirt to accumulate, but they are also the perfect option for maintaining a uniform aesthetic throughout the cooking and eating area. No need to interrupt the flow of your kitchen’s style with an obtrusive glass splashback panel any longer!

Large tiles for kitchen floors

Large format tiles are taking the Irish kitchen renovation world by storm. Perhaps most popular are concrete-effect large tiles, which we sell here at Tile Merchant. The industrial, clean, modern look they give kitchens is loved by those looking for a contemporary edge. With a neutral tile base used for flooring, the opportunities for colour elsewhere in the kitchen are limitless, whilst using large tiles for the kitchen floor allows you to harmonise with wall and countertop design in ways previously unknown.

Improving Hallways or Entrance Hall with Large Tiles

Large tiles should be a consideration in the renovation of any room in the house, but for the sake of brevity, let’s finish up with a quick look at how they can be applied in our halls.

Large tiles for narrow hallways

Our hallways are the very first things we and our guests see when entering our homes. Our hallways tie the entire house together, connecting every room, and setting the tone for the rest of the home’s aesthetic. And yet, hallways are often narrow and cramped, as are the first places an architect saves space on (followed closely by bathrooms). When used properly, large format tiles can bring light to these windowless spaces, making them feel far wider than they actually are, and acting as the base style element on which we can build the look of the rest of our home. Tiling hallways with large format tiles should be of prime consideration to any Irish homeowner concerned with the harmony of their house.

Top Four Large Format Tiles for a Bathroom Makeover

We hope that you’ve learned a little and been inspired a lot by this article. You can take a look at Tile Merchant’s entire range of large tiles by clicking here, or if you’re local to the Dublin area you can head through from the counties to visit our Dublin showroom, where we have them on display.

Our large format tiles come in a huge range of styles and sizes, but as a taster, our top four large format tiles for a bathroom makeover include:

Statuario Light Grande Marble-Effect Porcelain Gloss 120x60cm tiles

These hold all the grandeur of Grecian temples in the subtle veining of their light, breathy white gloss, and are a perfect accompaniment to any bathroom. Here’s what one customer had to say about them: “Excellent service! Tile samples give a good idea of what to expect from the full size versions. That’s why I ordered a free cut sample and then ordered over 10m2 of Statuario tiles. They look great when installed.”

Arkana Bianco Grande Concrete-Effect Porcelain Polished 120x60cm tiles

Designed to mimic the smooth, clean-cut minimalism of concrete, these tiles are the epitome of modern Irish style. Suited to a wet room, bathroom floor and/or walls, or the kitchen, they create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here’s what our customers have to say: “Well made tile – fancy – these folks know how to pack tiles – arrived in perfect condition – terrific accent tile in my bath.” As already mentioned, large format tiles work great in small bathrooms. See below our smallest bathroom bay in our Ballymount showroom. We have used large format tiles in such a small space. Get some bathroom inspiration and ideas. Whether you’re thinking total transformation, or a cost-effective (and chic) update, we’ve got the lowdown so you can turn a dull, dated or drab room into a star turn.

Dazzle Toronto Charcoal Porcelain 120x60cm tiles

The tiles in our Dazzle range are semi-polished, with a double-depth sparkle to add an intense richness to the look which you simply can’t get anywhere else. The most popular of this range has to be our Toronto Charcoal, which gives any room a bold warmth, well-suited to a male-female ensuite. Here’s what one of our many happy Dazzle tile customers has to say: “ These tiles are amazingly beautiful, like jewellery in my bathroom. I absolutely love them!”

Milkyway Azul Grange Travertine-Effect Matt Porcelain 120x60cm tiles

We would be remiss to end our list of most popular large format tiles without including a set from our ‘Milkyway’ range. These azul grange travertine-effect tiles have a matt metallic finish, which combines perfectly with any of the tiles in our cement-effect range to deliver industrial-chic fit for today, tomorrow, and the future. “We had no complaints. Old floor in an old farm house. No broken tiles. We were attentive to pressing them down. Tiles are quite expensive but worth it.”